Yesterday’s Heroes

The Sedaka Songbook celebrates one of the greatest music writing partnerships of all time – Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield.Writing together for almost 30 years, Neil’s memorable melodies and Howie’s unforgettable lyrics helped shaped the modern day pop song, selling millions of records all over the world. They could turn a “down do bee doe do”, a “wo wo wo yeah yeah yeah” and even a “Tra la la la la” into platinum selling, Grammy award-winning songs. The show tells the story of Neil and Howard’s humble beginnings in Brooklyn to the dizzying heights of their success in the 50s & 60s, their loss of popularity through the British invasion in the USA and finally to the ultimate musical comeback. Their musical partnership that will go down in music history forever. Conceived, written and performed by Damion Scarcella. First performance at Crazy Coqs, London 2010. Going on to tour throughout UK theatres.