The Bowlly Years- Megaphone to Microphone

Al Bowlly hailed as Britain’s very first popstar, recorded over 1000 songs, his most popular include, “Good night sweetheart”, “Moonlight the stars and you” and “the Very thought of you”. From his barber shop in South Africa, the singing barber’s musical journey led him to London where he made his  mark on the in the english dance band scene. He had a long affiliation with band leaders Ray Noble and Lew Stone, sharing his time between the two, Al made many recordings , regular appearances on BBC radio and playing at some of London finest hotels. Many of the recordings were released by Victor records in the US meaning his reputation preceded him as he headed to the USA  for successful tours with Noble with regular appearances on NBC radio, extending his popularity further. Missing England, Al returned but unfortunately due to vocal problems took a  hiatus from singing and went to NYC to have vocal surgery. Upon his return his popularity had diminished somewhat in Britain and in order to make a living Al  toured regional theatres and recorded as often as possible moving from orchestra to orchestra.  Unfortunately the crooners story was tragically cut short one fateful night on the 16th of April1941 night during the London Blitz. Al’s music and story inspired me to create “The Bowlly Years – Megaphone to Microphone”. which premiered on the 6th of December 2009 at Jermyn street theatre, London.